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Why StradPro 2.0?

If you’re not offering clients the caliber of service a Family Office provides… who will? And where will that leave you?

StradPro 2.0 helps advisors from diverse professions expand their services to position themselves effectively as a family’s CFO—becoming their go-to advisor for strategic financial or life decisions.

Benefits to your clients

  • Improved insight from professionals
  • Highly personalized advice based on real-time circumstances
  • Maximized potential through strategic, long-term planning rather than reactive decisions
  • Ease of mind offered by a team approach
  • Continuity through unsettling life transitions like cognitive decline, loss of head of household, and succession to the next generation

Benefits to your practice

  • Unique brand differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Save time through streamlined information gathering
  • Stronger client relationships
  • Accelerate growth through seamless networking with clients’ other professionals
  • Better ability to connect with and retain next-generation heirs

Benefits exclusively for financial advisors

  • Greater profit—StradPro 2.0’s proprietary portfolio management system eliminates the need for costly third-party managers or investment products.
  • Increase AUM through account aggregation that gives complete insight into client assets
  • Expand business with customizable suite of premium marketing materials

Designed by Advisors, for Advisors

  • Financial Advisors
  • Attorneys
  • Insurance Advisors
  • Real Estate Advisors
  • Tax Advisors
  • Family Offices (Multi- & Single-Family)

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